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About the company

We are a dynamically developing modern insurance broker with 10-year experience and excellent references.

We are trying to stand out, in a competitive insurance market, with a direct contact with our customers, a profound analysis of the specific customers needs and fair rules of cooperation.

Our brokers acquire their skills during the years of work in international broker companies working for the world’s leaders of the same branch.

We provide:

  • access to international markets of insurance
  • new flexible, insurance products of our own
  • international service with competent partners
  • solutions and support for clients from various branch

The development of the company

2002: Certus began operations under the name of Certus as a licensed insurance broker

2008: Certus has extended the range of services, offering own insurance products for various branches and access to international insurance markets.

2008: Certus Multiagencja was established. It provides service to individual insurance. It represents the largest players of the insurance market.

2011: The Certus Group supports and promotes young artists, participating among others in the programme: Shapes of Colour/ City Tour.

2012: Certus Multiagencja launched a platform Profi Polisa, providing insurance services through the Internet.

International partner

Our foreign partner was an international broker: H.W. International GMbH, belonging to HWI Group. We are working with branches of HWI Group in:

Australia - http://www.hwint.com/australia/index.html

France - http://www.hwint.com/france/index.html

Greece - http://www.hwint.com/greece/index.html

Spain - http://www.hwint.com/spain/index.html

The Netherlands - http://www.hwint.com/netherlands/index.html

Canada - http://www.hwint.com/canada/index.html

Germany - http://www.hwint.com/germany/language.html

U.S.A - http://www.hwint.com/usa/index.html

Great Britain - http://www.hwint.com/uk/index.html

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