• Compulsory third party liability insurance for owners of mechanically propelled vehicles (OC)
  • Autocasco Insurance (AC) – Comprehensive Insurance
  • Insuring results of unfortunate accidents for the driver and passengers (NW)
  • Assistance insurance for mechanically propelled vehicles
  • Insuring the legal protection
  • Insuring possessions

Compulsory third party liability insurance for owners of mechanically propelled vehicles (OC)

The third party liability insurance is a civil liability of every person, who driving the mechanically propelled vehicle in the life of the insurance contract, caused damage by means of this vehicle.

The third party liability insurance protects the vehicle owner or the driver against financial consequences of the damage caused to other persons.

Insurance contract must be concluded specially by the owners of registered mechanically propelled vehicles, motor vehicles, motorbikes, farm tractors and trailers, as well as owners of low-speed vehicles registered in Poland.

Insuring the third party liability is important in all states being involved in the European Union and in Andorra, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and of Croatia.

The insurance contract is contained for a period of 12 months. Entering an insurance for a shorter term is possible for the types of vehicles determined in the act.

If not later than 1 day before the expiry of the indemnity period, the insured won't notify the Insurer in writing about giving notice, it is regarded that a next agreement was entered into for 12 consecutive months. Entering the next agreement does not take place (despite the lack of notice), if a contribution has not been paid in full for the passing period of 12 months.

In case of selling off the vehicle all rights and obligations arising from the agreement entered before are passing on the purchaser of the vehicle. The buyer can terminate this agreement within 30 days of the day of purchasing the vehicle or continue the agreement.

Autocasco Insurance (AC) – Comprehensive Insurance

The AC insurance cover is different dependent on the Insurer, therefore a review of insurance offers regarding individual preferences is extremely important!

There are many variants reducing or widening the insurance cover as well as many variants of settlements.

AC insurance may also include damages arising from:

  • sudden operation of the mechanical force when affecting the vehicle to other vehicles or outer objects, animals and persons,
  • fortuitous events e.g. the flood, sinking, a stroke of lightning, the fire, the explosion, the precipitation, the hurricane, sliding or the subsidence of the earth,
  • sudden operation of the thermal or chemical factor coming from the outside,
  • action of third parties with vandalism included,
  • of damage of the inside of the vehicle by persons, whose transport was required due to supporting medical help,
  • theft of the vehicle and its parts or equipment,
  • damage of the vehicle as a result using it , stealing it or stealing its parts or equipment.

AC insurance is a voluntary insurance, however one should remember that in case of the purchase or using vehicles on credit, lease, short or long term rented – AC insurance is an obligation resulting from agreements of credit, leasing, management etc.

The protection includes cases arising in Poland and at the territory of remaining countries of Europe and other countries determined in general conditions of AC insuring of individual Insurer/s

You can also widen the protection to countries individually determined in the proposal form (if being provided by the Insurer with the coverage).

The purchase of AC insurance often causes automatic, free of charge extension of the insurance with for example the Assistance option.

Vehicles being subject to a registration in Poland along with the equipment can be provided with the insurance.

AC Insurance benefits are as follow:

  • comprehensive protection against effects of events which could cause financial loss in the vehicle connected with using it,
  • possibility of including and excluding risks,
  • possibility of the individual price estimate:
    • adapting insurance conditions to needs of the Customer and/or conducted activity
    • taking over the part of the risk by the Customer to oneself by applying own shares in the damage, Assistance insurance free of charge.

Insuring results of unfortunate accidents for the driver and passengers (NW)

Insurance entered into via Certus Multiagencja is marked:

  • with the high sums insured,
  • with wide range of the coverage,
  • with territorial wide range with the possibility of the extension of the protection to the entire world,
  • compensation paid even when the driver is a perpetrator of the accident,
  • with relatively low contribution towards the coverage,
  • with possibility of granting additional discounts for OC and/or AC.

Entering this insurance the insured gets:

  • possibility of a single payment on account of permanent health damage,
  • protecting the family and close family in case of death,
  • support in case of the incapacity to work,
  • guarantee of the payment of high sum of insurance in a very short time, even without conducting inheritance proceedings,
  • compensation paid irrespective of other personal benefits,
  • the benefit free from the income tax.

The protection of the insurer is widened by the damage incurred during:

  • getting in or out of the vehicle,
  • staying in the vehicle while the vehicle is not moving,
  • repair of the vehicle on the route of the ride,
  • loading and unloading the vehicle.

The insurance contract is contained for a period of 12 months:

  • for the vehicle,
  • for the individual person,
  • collectively with the personal recommendation insured,
  • collectively without the personal recommendation insured

Assistance insurance for mechanically propelled vehicles

Precise choice of the Insurer is extremely significant, because as part of Assistance services you can expect different extension of services:

Amongst technical benefits:

  • repair of the car on the spot of breakdown,
  • delivering fuel,
  • towing the vehicle,
  • car park for the vehicle,
  • transport of the driver and passengers to the domicile or the travel destination,
  • hotel accommodation of the driver and passengers,
  • providing the substitute vehicle,
  • providing the user with the repaired vehicle or getting the driver to the place, where the car was repaired to collect it
  • delivering the spare parts.

Amongst medical benefits:

  • medical information,
  • visit of the doctor,
  • the medical transport and the repatriation of passengers,
  • the hospitalization and monitoring the medical condition,
  • the care of children left without it and their transport to the family.

Amongst information benefits:

  • provision of information about phones and addresses,
  • possibility of sending urgent messages,
  • provision of tourist information,
  • legal aid,
  • help of the translator.

Insuring the legal protection

The insurer will cover the costs associated with the court stage of pursuing laws by the insured, in the event when:

  • you are demanding the due compensation,
  • you are defending yourself in the case of the petty offence or in the criminal case,
  • you are demanding your rights on account of incurred costs behind the badly repaired car.

Employees of Insurers processing claims are qualified experts cooperating with law firms in entire Europe.

Insuring the legal protection guarantees the coverage of owner, user and passengers of the vehicle in situations, when they can demand their rights.

Apart from strictly communication insurance we also offer packages of insuring the legal protection:

  • for employees,
  • for the real estate,
  • for companies,
  • in the private life,
  • at results of unfortunate accidents

Insuring possessions

Insurance includes all basic fortuitous events such as fire, hurricane, flood, devastation and others which caused damage in possessions. Also the crimes resulting in an attempt of theft, burglary, vandalism.

Certus Multiagencja offers the following insurance of possessions:

  • For enterprises:
    • insurance of buildings and buildings under construction
    • insurance of possessions against all risks,
    • insurance of machines and devices,
    • insurance of the electronic equipment.
  • For natural persons:
    • Insurance of flats,
    • insurance of buildings buildings under constuction,
    • insurance of possessions against all risks,
    • insurance of holiday cottages.
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